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Here you will find important resources published by the Esop Centre and others on employee share ownership.

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  • Why Employee Share Ownership Matters

    Esop Centre booklet that explains the benefits of employee share ownership and their attachment to a number of levels, from the micro to the macro.

  • Role of employee financial participation

    Report on the role of employee financial participation in creating jobs and reactivating the unemployed by Renate Weber for the European Parliament

  • Employee communications in troubled times

    Presentation by David Craddock for The ESOP Institute and STEP Jersey Share Schemes and Trustees’ Seminar May 17 2019.

  • An economic and social audit of the 'City'

    A report by Mick McAteer of the Financial Inclusion Centre for the TUC.

  • General economic environment and ESO

    Presentation focusing on the Channel  Islands by David Craddock for the Esop Institute/STEP Guernsey seminar November 30 2018

  • Nuttall review of employee ownership

    Independent review for BIS, by Graeme Nuttall, on employee ownership. Explains the obstacles to promoting employee owned companies, and sets out a framework for knocking them down. Makes recommendations to government on how to promote employee ownership.

  • A Plan for Trades Unions

    Esop Centre chairman Malcolm Hurlston offers a five-point plan for trades unions. He encourages them to engage with employee share ownership and become an invaluable resource for workers to help them understand how they could benefit from share schemes. The speech was originally delivered at the ProEFP conference in October 2011 in Brussels.

  • Esop Centre HMRC statistics analysis 2012

    The Esop Centre's review of the annual statistics on employee share ownership by HM Revenue & Customs. Despite government advocacy for employee share ownership, the number of companies offering an approved share scheme and the number of participants continues to fall.

  • HMRC Statistics Analysis - July 2011

    The Esop Centre's review of the annual statistics on employee share ownership by HM Revenue & Customs. According to the Centre's analysis, a record number of companies in the UK operated a government approved share scheme last year. However, the headline upward movement belies a number of concerning trends.

  • Promoting Financial Participation in the EU 27 - May 2011

    Conference report: London workshop organised to discuss the promotion of the financial participation in the EU27 (May 2011). The Esop Centre is the UK partner of the ProEFP programme of the European Economic and Social Committee.

  • Royal Mail Employee Shareholding: Lessons from the Past and Thoughts for the Future - January 2011

    Two expert round-tables were organised to discuss the possible shape for the employee shareholding which will form part of the Royal Mail privatisation. In this paper you will find a review of various models used in the past when privatising state companies, and ideas for the future that would benefit the company and its workers.

  • Towards a Rational Common Framework - October 2010

    Esop Centre lobbying report: Employee Share Ownership - Towards a Rational Common Framework. A silver bullet for the coalition government (December 2010). The paper led to a review of share scheme legislation in the UK by the Office of Tax Simplification.

Other publications

Garry R. Karch, An Introduction to Employee Ownership Trusts (New Malden: RM2 Corporate Finance, 2016)