Rasmus Berglund

Rasmus, senior counsel at Macfarlanes and member of the Centre’s Steering Committee.

In what ways does employee share ownership serve a useful purpose?

Share plans enable employees to feel they can make a real contribution towards and share in the success of the business they work in.

How can we widen and deepen the adoption and use of employee share ownership?

By telling the stories and sharing the experiences. Share plan participation is a highly valued benefit to employees and employers need to know that.

What is the greatest obstacle to wider and deeper employee share ownership?

The cost and complexities of establishing a share plan which often deter smaller companies from getting involved.

What has been the most important development in employee share ownership during your career?

I think the international development and globalisation of share plan offerings have had a profound impact on the industry. Share plan participation is no longer just a UK / US phenomenon.

Which change to employee share plans legislation, in the UK or elsewhere, would you most like to see?

HMRC have already taken steps to simplify the tax legislation governing share incentives but I think there is more work to be done. A review and consolidation of the vast amount of regulation on remuneration in financial services would also be on my wish list.

Is there a particular employee share plan you have been glad to work on? If so, why?

There are many but one in particular sticks out as a true success story - a global employee share purchase plan with a very impressive take up which later paved the way for a number of other employee benefits.

Which book has most changed your life?

I’m not sure it changed my life but A Thousand Splendid Suns certainly made a huge impression on me.

Which living person would you most like to meet?

Birgitte Nyborg from Borgen (although she is a fictional character so not sure if that counts).

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Hmmm, probably leaving the land of Hans Christian Anderson and pickled herrings when I was 23 to become a lawyer in London.

Do you have a favourite sport?

Swimming and snowboarding.

How do you relax?

Experiencing new things and travelling to new places. I am really not good at sitting still on a beach.