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Practitioner membership

Practitioner membership is for businesses providing expert advice or services in the field of employee ownership and share plans.

Since its founding in 1987 the Centre has worked tirelessly to support and promote the work of share plan specialists. Today the UK benefits from a world-class employee equity support sector whose expertise is essential in delivering successful all-employee, discretionary and executive share plans. Join the Centre and participate in a multidisciplinary practitioner network built on a common commitment to the growth of employee share ownership.

Membership fees:

  • £1,250 (plus VAT) per annum for companies with more than five fee earners
  • £600 (plus VAT) per annum five or fewer fee earners

Plan Issuer membership

Plan issuer membership is aimed at companies operating employee share schemes.

The Centre is among the foremost advocates for wider and deeper employee share ownership. At the heart of this mission is a commitment to support the successful delivery of share plans that meet core company objectives. Join the Centre for access to expertise and an employee equity network that encompasses secretarial, finance, and HR professionals drawn from established FTSE 250 constituents, AIM, and other smaller companies and private businesses.

Membership fees:

  • £750 (plus VAT) per annum for quoted companies
  • £175 (plus VAT) per annum for unquoted companies

Academic membership

Academic membership is for individual students and academics with a research interest in employee share ownership.

The Centre is committed to supporting academic research into the benefits of share ownership for employees and companies alike.

You can join for just £35 (plus VAT). Please note that we may require proof of your affiliation with an academic institution.

Membership benefits

The Centre supports its members through an extensive employee equity network, industry-leading events, news publications, and lobbying activities.

  • Networking – access our multi-disciplinary network of company secretaries, finance directors, share plan managers and HR managers, as well as leading accountants, administrators, bankers, brokers, consultants, lawyers, registrars, remuneration advisors, and trustees.
  • Conferences and events – get the latest industry news, innovations and regulatory updates at events held across the UK, Channel Islands, Europe, and beyond.
  • News and information – receive the Centre’s two monthly publications, the comprehensive newspad and the members’ only newsbrief.
  • Influence – the Centre has over twenty-five years’ experience influencing policy-makers in the interests of our members and employee share ownership in general.

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