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Looking at the possibilities, and whether there is a need, for development and reform of the Employee Ownership Trust.

Employee Ownership Trusts (or EOTs) were created in 2014 as a way of encouraging businesses, particularly small to medium sized, to transition to employee ownership. Numbers have accelerated in the last couple of years. Recently the Chartered Institute of Taxation has urged the government to modify the EOT tax regime. Some of our own members have drawn potential abuse to our attention.

We believe the aim must be both to encourage the set-up of EOTs and to work with HM Treasury to minimise abuse.

Your help will be an important factor in achieving these vital aims.

Report: EOT Development & Reform Webclave 24 January 2022

Report: EOT Development & Reform Follow-up webclave 21 March 2022

Further reading: Esop Centre response to Consultation on Taxation of EOT & EBT 25 September 2023

Further reading: 2023.11.30 D Pett paper ENCOURAGING FINANCIAL PARTICIPATION

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