Policy Discussions

Policy Recommendations

Recommendations for Share Plan Policies are guidance notes issued by the Employee Share Ownership Centre on how governments can update policies affecting employee equity.

UK Share Plan Reform
Recommended reforms of SAYE-Sharesave, SIP, CSOP, EMI, and EOT.
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Policy Proposals

Proposals for Share Plan Policies that the Employee Share Ownership Centre is highlighting as worthy of consideration for updating policies affecting employee equity.

EOT Development
Looking at the possibilities, and whether there is a need, for development and reform of the Employee Ownership Trust
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Pay Cuts & Employee Equity
Proposals for employees to opt for equity in exchange for pay cuts to preserve jobs.
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Policy Issues

Issues affecting employee equity that the Employee Share Ownership Centre is highlighting as points for discussion.

Employee Voice
The case for listening to the employee vote as a separate category and feed the outcome back to the board to compare with votes over time and with institutional investor votes.
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Employee Shareholder Share Voting
How can we keep the value of employee shareholder voting has been impaired when employee shares are being managed by an intermediary.
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Employee Shareholder Stock Lending
How can we get employee shareholders value when stock is lent?

Gig Working
How can we bring gig workers into shared ownership (inclusive capitalism)?
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Comments on any of the discussion points should be sent to esop@esopcentre.com